Born Again Bikes
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This recently released paperback is Paul's
compilation of lessons learned the hard way,
fond memories of taking rusty piles of junk and
turning them into beautiful Vintage Iron, tips on
what to do and what not to do when buying,
selling, fixing, riding, and showing classic and
collectible bikes, besides many useful
references and helpful hints for anyone who has
owned, owns, or wants to own an old bike.

While the book does include fairly extensive
technical sections from A to Z which
encompass all makes and models of old bikes,
it is written in an easy reading, lighthearted
tone. The book is easy to understand even for
someone who has never owned a motorcycle,
and yet technical enough for an experienced
mechanic to benefit from it while restoring a
rare vintage or classic bike.

Reviews & Endorsements

"Paul has managed to capture most of what a vintage motorcycle enthusiast will encounter,
from locating to re-selling and everything in between, in a fun, easy-reading book. The book is
packed with helpful hints and usable information whether you are just starting out or have been
involved with the vintage motorcycle scene for centuries. If you have a library of reference
books or just a select few, make sure this one is in your collection."

- Matt Rambow
Colorado Norton Works

A cobbled-together guide to
finding, buying, fixing, riding,
selling and enjoying old bikes
By Paul Zuniga
Author of "Bikes I've Owned & Ridden"
Published on Delphi's "Classic Triumph" On-Line Forum
Now including a new chapter on RACING!