Born Again Bikes
Engine Overhauls

Engine overhauls cover everything from crankshaft to covers.
We do a thorough analysis and produce a detailed scope of
work which the client can then modify to suit their budget or
specification for the finished product such as replacing original
parts with high performance pieces.

We use only name-brand and OEM parts for all of our work. All
overhauls are bench tested and can be guaranteed to meet or
exceed OEM specifications, within tolerance.*

*Guarantee available only if complete bike is available

Component Repairs

Our component repair service can
take a tired old carburetor, starter,
alternator or oil pump and return it to
it's original performance level and
appearance. Why have dull,
under-performing parts on a freshly
painted bike?

Electrical & Wiring

We can replace faulty connectors or totally re-wire your bike. All
work is fully tested and guaranteed to return your bike's electrical
system to proper, trouble-free operation.

Only the highest quality connectors and wire are used, and color
coding can be original or to your specification. Modern name-brand
electrical components can be substituted at the client's direction to
upgrade older bikes for better reliability.