Born Again Bikes
Cad Layout & Design

We use AutoCAD to design custom parts to specification. Parts can be designed such as
brackets, bodywork, frame bracing, and engine parts. Drawings are produced to scale,
dimensioned and detailed as required to produce the part(s). Standard output types are
available, both digital and printed.
Line Drawings

We have a large selection of original line drawings of several vintage
and classic bikes to choose from which can be detailed to match your
bike, or we can produce an original drawing of your bike from digital or
print photos.

Custom Prototyping

Custom parts can be fabricated and prototyped
to your specifications from various types of
metals, plastics, fiberglass and composites
including carbon fiber.

Custom Graphics

Our artists can design or produce custom graphics
for your bike from your sketches or to your
specifications. We can also produce artwork for
logos, signs, banners and decals.