The bike is now sorted as to carb tuning and ignition timing, so starting is a one-kick affair, or
simply touch the starter button. Some minor issues with monoshock linkage clearance issues
with the rear tire have yet to be sorted, but that's all routine in the de-bugging / shake-down

Due to the fact that the belt drive clutch hub has not yet been modified with the electric start ring
gear, the Mark III primary system with chain drive & OEM starter are currently installed. The
primary case openings for the shifter shaft are plugged, and the tranny covers are pre-Mark III.

The 880 engine build will start with having the custom VR cases machined, helicoiled, de-burred
and shot blasted for a "sand cast" appearance, then the dynamically balanced and polished
crank & rods will slip in place with new "Superblend" bearings and the Megacycle 560-00 cam.
Running Prototype Phase
Born Again Bikes
After a very successful showing, it was time to pull the mockup parts off the bike (Left) and
get down to assembling the running prototype, using a spare 850 Mark III engine (Right).
(Left) AGM battery mounted under the tail; it's going to be replaced with a smaller unit
for better rear tire clearance. (Right) Hand-wired electrical harness with individually
fused circuits, Buss master auto-reset circuit breaker, Sparx 3-phase rectifier, Sparx
electronic ignition "black box", horn & starter relays
Clubman rearset footpegs, modified to accommodate Left-foot brake pedal to actuate
disc brake master cylinder and Right-foot shifter for '72-spec gearbox actuator.
So, with a custom fabricated one-piece rear axle, spacers, and adjusters, and the Mark III
rear disc drilled, the rear tire mounted on the Buchanan-laced Excel rim, the bike was
basically done. For lack of proper manifold adapters for the FCR carbs, an overhauled set
of Amal 932s were installed and the bike came to life for the first time!
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