Born Again Bikes
Our trusted professional associates provide the highest quality services to us at an excellent
value to our clients. All outsourced work has the same guarantee and insurance coverage
Machine Work

From brake rotor skimming to 3-angle valve jobs, and everything in between including drilling cast brake
discs and re-threading stripped exhaust ports. We can hone or bore your cylinders to exact tolerances
and do custom machining to any specifications.

Media Blasting & Surface Preparation

We can sand, bead, hull, soda, media, or steam blast any part to bare substrate, and prepare
any surface for finish. Small parts can be quickly bead blasted in-house.

OEM and Custom Paint & Graphics

Exact paint color and code matches can be provided to ensure that your paint job is exactly as it
was originally. All patterns, schemes, lining and graphics are fully researched, properly laid out and
professionally applied to produce beautiful results

Metal Polishing & Plating

All types of metals and plated finishes can be polished to any of several levels of finish up to
mirror quality, or replated. Your tired old engine cases can look just like new again!


We offer high quality powdercoating in a wide range of colors and finishes too numerous
to list here. This modern finish is guaranteed to be highly mar-resistant and durable.