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1972 Norton 750 Commando Production Racer Replica
"Yellow Peril" (Also available as Interstate or Roadster)

On offer is a custom built '72 Norton 750 Production Racer replica. It is NOT an actual factory Production Racer
model, but has pattern replica bodywork, and several of the performance and styling features that were offered
in the 1972 aftermarket. I can't think of any questions that aren't answered by reading the complete listing
and/or viewing the on-line documentation (see link in listing, below). PLEASE read before asking questions. As
noted, buyer can choose other bodywork styles.

1972 Commando 750 spec crankcases, cylinders, head & transmission, bead blasted & washed
All new gaskets (composite flame-ring head gasket) & oil seals throughout
.060 overbore on cylinders, matching pistons & rings
Polished crankshaft, camshaft & connecting rods
Crank, cam & rods checked for imperfections & cracks, etc.
"Superblend" roller main bearings
Modified oil sump to improve oil return at sustained high speeds
One-way reed valve positive crankcase ventilation system
Lapped valves & seats with new intake guide seals
Surflex clutch friction plates
Optimized clutch plate stack height for light lever pull
Original 4-speed transmission, completely refurbished
Original Lucas alternator, refurbished
Original 32mm Amal concentric carburetors, completely refurbished, K&N air filter
Mirror-polished primary, timing, transmission & rocker inspection covers

Frame lightly modified by Kenny Dreer for lightness, totally powdercoated
Transmission cradle, swingarm, yokes, centerstand and other bits powdercoated
New sealed steering neck bearings
Fully serviced swingarm bushings & seals
New Stainless Steel Mark III vernier adjustable isolastic mounting units
Refurbished Mark III head steady
Refurbished Mark III forks with mirror-polished lower legs
Modern "look-alike" aftermarket shock absorbers
Mirror-polished footpeg & exhaust mounting Z-plates
New Dunstall folding rearset footpegs on Replica Racer, standard pegs on other models

Original Dunlop wheel assemblies, refurbished
Front brake disc drilled for improved performance
Front brake caliper refurbished and mirror-polished
Original rear brakes, refurbished
New Avon AM26 Roadrider tires & tubes with rim strips (100/90 front, 110/90 rear)
New final drive chain

Original "Green Blob" speedometer & tachometer, overhauled
Custom fabricated rear brake pedal system on Replica Racer, stock controls on other styles
All new oil & fuel lines
Later specification oil filter system with spin-on filter
New Dunstall "Decibell" style mufflers on used "S" style upswept (one each side) header pipes
Option of slightly used factory style "peashooter" or "beancan" mufflers, buyer's preference
OEM oil tank with new crush washers on strainer tube & new rubber isolators
New fuel tank petcocks & seals
New hand grips, refurbished hand levers
Choice of clubman or clip-on handlebars on Repli Racer, or standard bars, buyer's preference

Hand-wired main electrical harness
Tympanium solid state voltage regulator/rectifier
Boyer electronic ignition with dual 12 volt coils
New AGM battery
Small-form aftermarket tail light assembly with custom mounting bracket (quick release for racing)
OEM Lucas switch clusters, refurbished
5" headlight shell (quick release for racing) with genuine Lucas lens

"Yellow Peril" factory Production Racer replica bodywork kit
All fiberglass parts are finished in Yellow Gelcoat (Gas tank, fairing, seat/tail and sidecovers)
Fairing has main/front mount with integral meter mounts, and hand fabricated lower fairing mounts
Windscreen is affixed with all new stainless steel hardware and rubber isolators to prevent cracking

Clear Texas title is included in the auction price. (Title only, no license plate or registration included)
Complete project build documentary is available on-line at:

This is a NO RESERVE auction. YOU BID, YOU WIN!

The Norton factory Production Racers were quite formidable in their day, and with additional improvements
made by Norvil, Dunstall and others, they were a force to be reckoned with. This bike is a tribute to those
times, and it plays the part well. The engine is mildly tuned for performance, but totally streetable, not the
typical "hand grenade" race engine in a street bike.

This build started from gathering choice leftover and spare donor parts from several refurbs, restorations &
custom builds over several years. The frame was modified by Kenny Dreer for one of his famous 880 Sprint
Special builds, but was never completed; he sold it to me in 2010 along with several other rare bits that have
gone into other custom builds and my own Dreer tribute bike.

I've got far more into this build than I'm likely to get out of it, including approximately 140 hours of shop time; it
seems I'll never learn my lesson, but that's not important. I've had a lot of fun building it, and many folks on the
various forums have followed along with a high level of interest in the details.

The bike starts on the first kick most of the time, has a nice steady tickover, revs cleanly, runs smoothly up
through the gears and right back down, launches well with no clutch slip, brakes very predictably, and with the
new adjustable isolastics, it handles quite well for mid-70s technology. It is everything a classic Norton
Commando SHOULD be, and more. I will not claim zero oil dribbles, as that's nearly impossible on a
scratch-built engine, for the starting bid on offer here; it's insignificant.

While many parts of the bike are NEW (clearly indicated in description), many other parts are NOT new;
however, they have all been carefully inspected, thoroughly cleaned & prepped, and in most cases refurbished
to like-new specification. The bottom line is that the bike should be a solid, reliable rider for many years, as
long as it is properly serviced and maintained, and not excessively abused. Unless the buyer intends to carry
out significant performance modifications, the engine cases need never be split, and the chassis doesn't need
to be torn down, for many thousands of miles.

The modifications and custom bits on the bike are all solid and well-proven in several previous builds.

This bike is NOT race-prepped, although it could easily be prepped for roadracing in several different AHRMA
and/or WERA Vintage classes with very little effort beyond lockwiring and a belly pan. I've raced in AHRMA
Production Heavyweight, and I KNOW it could be a contender; it's certainly faster and better equipped than my
'69 Triumph Bonneville 650 which has held it's head high in the class.

Also available are Roadster and Interstate bodywork, standard controls, and other exhaust configurations (not
in this auction), for the flexibility to return the bike to stock configuration in not much more than an afternoon
or evening. The buyer may choose any of the other options, if desired, and receive a partial refund for the
difference in value.

This is a USED VEHICLE, sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS, no warranty.

Shipping is the sole responsibility of the BUYER. For door-to-door shipping in the United States, I highly
recommend Keyboard Motorcycle Shippers; I have used Keyboard dozens of times with zero issues and no
broken promises of pickup or delivery times. I can assist with loading in my truck-accessible driveway at no
charge, or deliver to the Forward Air dock for a SMALL FEE. Crating for international shipping can be done for

As with ALL my other e-bay auctions, this listing contains no hype, no fluff, and NO BULL. I maintain a 100%
feedback on e-bay and have sold several dozen motorcycles & projects over the years. The listing is 100%
accurate as confirmed by the included photographs, and can be further verified by simply reviewing the on-line
step-by-step project build thread online.

This bike is also listed for sale on my website and several classic & vintage bike forums, so the auction may
end at any time if a reasonable offer is made in one of those venues. If you really want the bike, just click "Buy
It Now", you will not be disappointed.


BODYWORK (choose one)
Production Racer - (All fiberglass) gas tank, fairing & windscreen, seat/tail, sidecovers
Interstate - Long range (steel) gas tank, seat, sidecover (fiberglass), headlight mounts
Roadster - Standard (steel) gas tank, seat, steel sidecover (left side only), headlight mounts
(Left sidecover shown in black Roadster configuration is a temporary part, not included)

CONTROLS (choose one)
Production Racer - Rearset footpegs & foot controls, clip-on handlebars, fairing/meter mount
Interstate & Roadster - Standard footpegs & foot controls, mid-rise handlebars, OEM meter "cans"

EXHAUST (choose one)
Headers - Upswept, downswept, shorty downswept, or extended downswept straight pipes
Mufflers - "Dunstall Decibell" copies (new); factory "Pea Shooter" style (used); "Bean Can" style (used), mini
megaphone (used, welded to short downswept pipes)

Big-bore pistons, rings & cylinder kits
3-phase battery charging system
Production racer head steady unit, rod joint front engine mount steady link
Quarter fairing (with Interstate or Roadster bodywork)
Handlebar end mirrors
Turn signals, OEM style or aftermarket
Avon or Dunlop racing tires
Vintage racing compliant lockwiring, front number plate, belly pan, oil breather catch bottle, etc.
"Pit Bull" racing pit stand
Belt Drive primary system
Electric start system
Aluminum wheels, stainless steel spokes
High performance camshaft
5-speed transmission
Flat-slide carburetors or single carburetor conversion
Monoshock swingarm conversion
Rear disc brake conversion
Single 12v dual-output ignition coil
Many other optional items available at VERY competitive prices!