We're hoping to run a few AHRMA roadraces in 2012, if we can get enough
sponsorships lined up to make the trips out to the tracks.

If you are interested in supporting this shop-based, made-from-scratch race
team to compete in additional events, starting with Portland International
Raceway the week after Willow Springs, simply click on the PayPal button
below and contribute!

We can't promise national publicity or even honorable mention from the
winner's podium (I have yet to climb that top step), but we'll send all
sponsors of $50 or more a nice autographed race photo, and a signed copy
of my book (with a photo) for contributions over $100.

If the response is overwhelming, and/or if we can secure one or two major
corporate sponsors, we'll race the entire season.

We promise all of our sponsors a wholesome public image, clean pit stall
with prominent business sponsor listing, clean vehicles & trailer, honorable
mention on this website, and a fight to the finish for every possible position.
My rookie record was 5th overall (of 20 riders) in 2008, and I set a class
record on the Bonneville salt flats.
Born Again Bikes