Norton Commando Crankcase Breather Reed Valves
Norton Featherbed Swingarm Spindle Upgrade Kit
Norton Commando Monoshock Swingarm Kit
TriTon Engine Mounting Plates
Alloy reed-valve crankcase breather that bolts up to all Commando timing chests and
provides positive crankcase ventilation. This eliminates most, if not all, oil leak issues.
Only $25.00 to your door in the U.S., slightly higher for international postage.
Kit includes mounting screws. Requires (3) holes drilled in timing chest, no other mods!
Convert your Commando to a modern monoshock rear end with no more than 2
tabs welded to your existing frame! You supply stock swingarm, we do the rest.
Convert your wimpy 1/2" or 5/8" plain bolt "spindle" and frustrating
"wobblealastic" bushings to a true 3/4" SPINDLE, with bolted security plates and
beefy sintered bronze bushings and thrust washers. Simply drill 4 holes and
enlarge your (2) existing spindle bolt holes, then swap out the old for the new!
Tired of looking for TriTon engine conversion plates, then waiting months to finally
get them in? No worries, we will have them to your door in about a week. At present,
we only offer Slimline to unit T120/T140, but will make sets to order at a decent price.
Kit comes with all
Stainless Steel
hardware required.
Kit comes with all Stainless Steel hardware required.